I was given one rule for this project; it had to be a form of packaging for a beverage of my choice. From there I wanted to do something other than a glass bottle with a simple wrap. My original idea of this project was to do a wine juice box for people who want to drink wine at a party but prefer not to bring a whole bottle. I chose to utilize brighter colors to convey the concept that I am going for. To challenge myself, I strived to make a typographic pattern, being I never have never done anything like it before. I started this process by determining the different fonts I would use in it. I started with about 12 fonts and narrowed it down to 4 for the lock-up. I then made 3 different list of words to use, one with words conveying classy and elegant, and one for words to go with the party atmosphere. The last was a list for the actual flavors in the drink.

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